Spirit CRW900 Wasserbeständiges Rudergerät

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Whether placed in a commercial or quality home studio, this rugged indoor rower never disappoints. Guaranteed to enhance any grand environment, CRW900 is complete with a hand lacquered American Ash Blackwood finish. Flawlessly reproducing the natural catch and consistent resistance of on-water rowing CRW900 packs a punch with 65% greater resistance than standard fluid models – the perfect rower for solid progression no matter the fitness ability. Offering smart device connectivity, CRW900 features auto-adjust technology automatically correlating the chosen tank resistance with the console display for more a more accurate and efficient workout. CRW900 seat height provides you with perfect easy on / off without straining your knees or back . In addition, it also creates a more effective catch/drive position for rowing training.

Reason for Outlet Sale: Discontinued Stocked Range

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Product Dimension: 2134 x 533 x 559mm

Product Weight: 36kg

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