Spirit CT800 Treadmill with Medical Handrails

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Heart Rate with the Spirit CT800 treadmill with medical handrails can be easily measured using the integrated hand pulse sensors, however, a built-in wireless receiver (with optional chest strap) ensures ultimate accuracy of bpm (beats per minute) readings. The users are also given feedback on data such as time, distance, calories, pace, speed, incline, pulse and METs (metabolic equivalent) to help them control the effects of each workout and improve skills really fast. As far as the programmes are concerned, the treadmill offers 10 motivating routines, including 1 manual, 1 user-defined, 1 interval, 1 5K run, 1 cardio, 1 fat burn, 1 hill, 2 heart rate and a fit test, which help to achieve the training goals in accordance with individual preferences. Additionally, the CT800, which can accommodate the maximum user weight of 200kg (440lbs), is equipped with 6 shock absorbing cushions evenly distributed throughout the unit to ensure a comfortable running experience. The Spirit CT800 treadmill with medical handrails offers challenging programmes such as: Hill - a programme of triangle/pyramid type following progression from approximately 10% of a maximum effort up to a maximum effort which lasts for 10% of the total training time, then a gradual regression of speed coming back to approximately 10% of maximum effort. Fat Burn - a programme that challenges the users’ ability to sustain their energy output for an extended period of time, as it follows a quick progression up to the maximum speed level that is sustained for 2/3 of the workout. Cardio - a programme that builds up the heart muscle, increases blood flow as well as lung capacity. It involves a quick progression up to near-maximum speed level and has slight fluctuations up and down allowing the heart to elevate and recover repeatedly before starting a quick cool down. 5K Run - allows for controlling the speed and incline, while the lap track is set to 5km distance. The distance is displayed on the console and counts down until it reaches 0. Interval - takes the athletes through high levels of intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensity. Thanks to this programme, the cardiovascular system gets programmed for more efficient use of oxygen. User-Defined - allows individuals to store personal information and design a programme that is the most suitable in accordance with their needs. Fit Test - is based on the Gerkin protocol. This programme gradually increases both speed and incline until the time has expired or the user has reached 85% of projected heart rate maximum. The ‘score’ is calculated and can be compared to others in the same age group in order to determine the level of cardiovascular health. Manual - means that the user controls the workload, not the computer. Heart Rate (2x) - these programmes are to keep the athletes within 3-5 heart beats of the target heart rate % by automatically increasing or decreasing the speed level. Heart Rate 1 has the 60% (better for fat loosing) of projected heart rate maximum default. Heart Rate 2 has the 80% (better for cardiovascular conditioning) of projected heart rate maximum default.

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