Spirit Premium Fitness Package

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The Spirit XT685 Platform treadmill is part of the Spirit Fitness commercial series designed to survive a number of running sessions. It has a 3 horsepower continuous duty motor that powers the belt to the top speed of 20km/h (12mph), a 15% powered incline function and a 22” (56cm) wide by 60” (152cm) long running deck with a cushioning system that minimises the risk of joints injury. A bright blue backlit 9” blue backlit LCD console with an integrated reading rack provides 12 motivating programmes and feedback on such statistics as: time, distance, calories, watts, speed, RPM, pulse, METs. It also features 2 graphic displays showing the degree of activation of specific muscle groups, which is indicated in different colours, and a heart rate % profile with similar colour coding. Heart rate measurement with the Spirit XT685 Platform treadmill is easily achieved using the integrated pulse sensors in the handlebar or for the ultimate in accuracy, a chest belt can be used with the built-in receiver. The Spirit XT685 Platform treadmill also enables you to adjust the speed and incline with the use of Quick Keys or special keys integrated in the handlebars that can be disabled by pressing a special button on the console. Additionally, two speakers, an MP3 audio jack, two water bottle/accessory holders and dual turbo cooling fans make your workout much more convenient and enjoyable.
The Spirit XE395 incline trainer, part of the Spirit Fitness commercial series, has a 20” stride length and a 13.5kg (30lbs) flywheel that provide smooth and convenient workout, even for taller users. There are 20 incline and 20 resistance levels that can be operated by the buttons on the console and swing arms. Due to adding a 2-degree inward angle to the footpad, the cross trainer ensures more neutral alignment of the foot during workout to make training safer and more comfortable. Additionally, three pedal adjustment angles (0, 5 or 10 degrees) enable you to find the position that feels best for you. A large 7.5” blue backlit LCD console with adjustment option for better visibility provides detailed feedback on key statistics of your workout and features two innovative graphs. One of them shows the heart rate percentage to help you monitor and adjust the intensity of the training to the current goals and physical condition. The other one shows an anatomical figure presenting the muscle areas which are activated by a given training along with the degree of their involvement. The elliptical offers 10 motivating programmes that ensure challenging workouts. Heart rate measurement can be easily achieved using hand grip pulse sensors or for the ultimate in accuracy, a chest belt can be used with the built-in receiver. For more enjoyable workout, the console of the Spirit XE395 has been equipped with speakers and an audio input.
Two sets of the York 8-piece interlocking mat can be used under your fitness equipment to protect floors or carpets from damages. Each of these two high density foam mats consists of eight pieces that can be joined together to cover an area of 2.96 sq.m (32sq. ft), which enables you to cover 5.92 sq.cm (64sq. ft) using both of the included packs.

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