Spirit XE395 Incline Trainer

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One of the most innovative features of the Spirit XE395 is adding a 2 degree inward angle to the footpad to create more neutral alignment of the foot. Another improvement would be the possibility of individually adjusting the pedal to the user’s personal style of exercising. Now the pedals can be set in one of the positions: 0 degree, 5 degree or 10 degree to better support the heel and alleviate toe numbness. The adjustment is very easy thanks to simple pull-pin system. The innovations also result in a change of working on the muscle groups. In top position quadriceps are more activated, while in the lowest – hamstrings and gluts. Also the close pedal spacing gives the most natural feeling elliptical movement. The trainer has a large LCD console with adjustment option to provide best visibility. Apart from displaying the most essential data, the console features 2 innovative graphs. One of them shows the heart rate percentage to help the user monitor and adjust the intensity of the training to the current goals and physical condition. The other one shows an anatomical figure presenting the muscle areas which are activated by a given training along with the degree of their involvement. The trainer offers a wide variety of workout programs including Manual, Hill Climb, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval and 2 heart rate controlled programmes. Additionally the equipment remembers the settings for two users. Heart rate can be measured both by hand grip pulse sensors and included chest strap. Furthermore, a motorised incline ramp feature stimulates walking upward. There are 20 incline and 20 resistance levels which can be operated by the buttons on the console and swing arms. To make the workout even more enjoyable, the cooling fan and speakers with audio input are integrated into the console. The Spirit XE395 is a top quality home gym equipment designed with attention to ergonomics and user’s safety.

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